You could be mistaken for thinking that treating yourself as a business would be wrong.

It isn’t.

The drive and ambition behind businesses should be in every person, as well as self respect and confidence.

As recruiters we want you too feel these things, and employers do too.

In order to be professional, you must project a professional personality. The concept of branding can be applied to a person in a very effective manor.

Establishing a personal brand allows you to differentiate and position yourself from the competition and claim your job.

What type of branding do you have?

  • Personal Appearance – Including clothing, hygiene and attractiveness.
  • Personality – Your values, goals, identity and behavior.
  • Competencies – These are cognitive, business, communication and technical skills that enable you to perform your job responsibilities.
  • The Differentiator – Offering a unique value proposition or benefit to your target audience.

Constructing a brand with a mixture of these elements will have a positive effect on the people around you and your future. After producing a personal brand, with these elements, you must weave them into a story or message that can be consumed by your audience.

Growing Your Brand

Personal Branding is an ongoing development that exists throughout an entire lifecycle. As your experience, competencies, physical and emotional attributes grow, your brand will enhance, much like in a product-lifecycle. Creating, maintaining and evolving your brand will help you command your prospective audience and positively communicate your perceived and unique message.

Corporate branding and personal branding are very well connected. The only apparent difference is that instead of marketing a product or service, a person is being promoted and sold to a recruiter.

Treat yourself as the product and sell it!