You apply, interview and job OFFERED. But then something changes, the wage you were initially offered has been dropped. What would you do?


Something you might want to ask yourself is this: are you going to find it difficult to work for this employer even if you can negotiate a higher salary? For me, that would be a problem because I would feel that the employer’s tactics were deceptive. It’s one thing to take a pay cut—you aren’t alone in having to do that as you know—but it’s another to find out the salary is lower than what was advertised.

When going through a salary negotiation you aren’t likely to get the exact amount of money you want. You will probably have to compromise. The trick is to figure out how much you are willing to compromise and what you will do if your boss doesn’t offer you a salary you find acceptable.

 I guess your answer would depend on what your needs were at the time. If you were in the middle of a long job search, you might be more inclined to ignore the dishonesty. Unfortunately, I think there are some employers who are ready to take advantage of that situation. Keep in mind, though, if you do accept an offer in spite of your misgivings, you may find yourself looking for work again before too long. After all, how long could you work for someone you didn’t trust?