Are you coming at “Talent Acquisition” from every angle?

Research conducted through various recruitment surveys over the past few years indicates that up to 78% of companies are now using social networking and social media to find and attract candidates.  Are you on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+?

At The Connections Companies we have been developing social media and social recruiting techniques to deliver targeted results.

Recent surveys of recruiters & HR executives found that over 50% of companies were spending more on business networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and employee-referral programs and less on Agency spend, print and traditional job boards. As part of our partnership program, we consult with our clients and candidates to ensure their social profile optimized.

Are the Candidates open to the idea of social networking as a recruitment tool?

Importantly, it’s not just employers who are keen to jump on the ‘networking bandwagon’ to revolutionize recruitment. Increasingly, both active job seekers and passive candidates are willing to publish career-based information about themselves on social networking sites, with a view to potential employment opportunities, either from friends or from head-hunters. A recent survey of computer users indicated that 87% of respondents think social networking sites are useful for business purposes including networking, exchanging ideas, getting advice, recruitment, research and selling.

The war for talent is still relevant in today’s market!

Although the economy has recently presented challenges for most employers, the war for talent continues to challenge recruitment initiatives. Employers are still struggling to find and attract candidates with t
Whilst formal recruitment costs are, in some cases, falling due to the current economic downturn, this tends to be offset by the increase in recruitment spending on temporary and contract workers, filling gaps for which permanent staff are no longer being hired or are deemed inappropriate because of headcount restrictions. If anything, then, the current economic climate indicates that there is an even more urgent need to identify economical ways to win the talent war, whilst simultaneously keeping recruitment costs down to a minimum.he necessary industry experience and expertise, and it is suggested that the problem had, if anything, worsened, with 86% of companies across a number of industries admitting to experiencing recruitment difficulties.Successful talent acquisition relies on speeding up the recruitment process

A survey of 300 companies  revealed that over 75% had missed out on recruiting high caliber candidates due to delays in the recruitment process. This resulted in an estimated revenue loss of £millions, due to projects that were delayed as a result of a lack of quality employees. “Good candidates have multiple offers and therefore have higher expectations. As a result organizations have to speed up the recruitment process so as not to lose these candidates.”

It pays to Get Better Connected with the Connections Companies

Working with the right recruitment company who understands your business and positioning on Social networks can be very valuable, as they can efficiently lead to candidates with the right skills and cultural fit for your business

In summary, the competitive market for talent shows no sign of abating. Keeping up with the current trends, understanding the needs and motivations of job seekers and ensuring ample incentives can lead to greater recruitment success.

Employer experience so far is that approximately 50% of the candidates are coming through recruitment agents like The Connections Companies, 30% are coming through referrals and networking and the remaining 20% are coming through job boards and direct.

You must review your reward offering, to ensure you secure the best candidate for the job”.  To do that,  it is advisable to have a multichannel recruitment strategy and to ensure that referrals and networking feature strongly in that strategy.

Penny Scambler is very knowledgeable about multi Channel recruitment strategy and is on hand to advise

clients large or small how to strengthen their channel and ensure a wide target pool is reached attracting the very best talent your business.For more information contact Penny directly on her mobile line 07855 764892 for a confidential discussion or contact her office on 01827 648920