Get Social  Get Hired –  Get Better Connected

Understanding the rules of social recruitment is key. At first glance, employers may seem to hold all the cards, but understanding their tactics can considerably improve your odds of getting noticed.

It’s not enough to simply push your CV up on the web and hope a company is going to come to you; the onus is on you to get out there and persuade.

Build your own work brand

To make yourself more visible, think about how you present and express skills and experience on a LinkedIn profile just as carefully as you would with a paper CV. Keep your summary and experience concise and to the point, incorporating key search terms.

And widen your appeal by linking out to blogposts or articles of professional relevance – even to your other social media profiles if you are confident they portray you in a good light.

Everybody is now in the jobs market for their career, and people should keep themselves open, Talent networks are a way to do that. They’re saying, one day you might be interested in working for IHG or whoever. Or if, for example, you work for Hilton, you might one day be interested in working for Marriot, so you can follow Marriot.”

Employers also take a keen interest in broader professional networks, perhaps based around chartered institutes or other industry-specific websites. Joining these not only lets you connect with others in your trade but also puts you in sight of many smaller employers who cannot afford to recruit through LinkedIn or maintain a serious Facebook presence. “Most jobs are in smaller businesses – and they’re not using that level of recruiting. This is where you need to be connected to some quality Employment companies like “The connections Companies”. Get better Connected with us.