At the Connections Companies we have invested time and money into developing our knowledge and skills in, understanding new media.

Penny Scambler has been recruiting for 25 years; and during this quarter century of working closely, and often exclusively, with a range of organisations, within and outside of hospitality, some small high value, others reaching the masses. She has seen technology evolve and streamline recruitment practice.

The latest business process to be re-engineered is marketing, branding and communication.

What has this got to do with recruitment you may ask?

Successful brands with recognisable identity attract more people to their organisation. Customers employees and now ‘cyber noise’ (I hope I’m not loosing you at this point.) Traditional, tried, tested and trusted methods of advertising and marketing seem easier to understand because of our direct experiences.

So social media may seem alien to you, but it  has become what Penny and her team do every day. They have adapted their operation systems and operating style to embrace the online media channels to reach a more targeted audience.

This form of networking is reactive and merging rapidly into traditional forms of engagement. The phone still rings, but not as often. You’re inbox is mainly spam. The postman only delivers utility bills.

Everything is online and your phone is buzzing constantly with alerts, everything is HOT HOT HOT!!

So being social media literate or knowing someone who is becoming increasingly important. Keep on top of the change!

For more information on outsourcing your social recruitment to the Connections Companies; contact Penny Scambler – MD

Tel: 01827 897 665