In the Better Connected household, we recently came across an article in Big Hospitality, that really made us think how times have changed in the culinary world.

It was about a ‘Female Beer Sommelier’!


My has the world changed? It was only yesterday us Brits were drinking beer instead of water, due to poor sanitary conditions (talking many hundreds of years ago) and now we’re associating beer with immensely delectable, fine dining.

Suggesting to us that fine wine and beer are much in the same, may at first seem a little alien, but in actual fact, beer has evolved just as much as wine and we have some amazing depths and variances in flavour and brewing techniques that lead to some of the most dexterous brews you’ll ever have chance to savor.

If we’re going to go back in time once more and comment on not only the product but the female work place, its obvious that we went from once not allowing the fairer sex to even vote in their own country, now, women across western society can have fantastically rewarding and challenging careers. with pay packets that shadow their male counterparts.

At The Connections Companies we’re toasting this modern day development and evolution. Cheers!