For most employers you might have a stereotypical view of young people. They are seen as by the majority as ASBO’d ungrateful & lazy who have A-levels and GCSE’s so easy the government declared a time jump, back to when exams were damn hard (somewhere in the 60’s).


Regardless of this preposterous assumption that most people would rather employ the 25+ more experienced and enlightened beings, the rate of youth unemployment and encouragement of apprenticeships, would lead you to believe two things; there are more young people than physical jobs available, and young people aren’t  popular candidates for filling  positions.

The government’s tried to help the little scaly wags on their way into the arms of nurturing employers by giving them helpful hints and gentle pushes in the right direction. We even had Michel Roux’s service, showing that a little dedication and these guys are turned around into the inspired young staff we’d all dream of having in our companies.


It’s no doubt that there are so many benefits of having young people involved in your business; lower recruitment costs, flexibility, qualifications and a willingness to learn.

With youth often comes a different kind of energy. By employing a very wide demographic your business has an inbuilt diversity and real-time culture that is invaluable.

At Better Connected we encourage you to see past the negatives. The next time you’re handed a CV by a young one, consider the benefits to you company!

For inspiration, see below link.

Michel Roux’s Service

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