Here at Management Connections we pride our relationships with some of the best Pub operators in the UK.

In the new year we have a couple of rather smart operators who each have under a dozen pubs and growing. One across the South East and One across the South West.

Both seek experienced Managers and Couples with Drive, Passion, Personality and who seek to be at the Heart of the Community.

If you are set in your ways, do not want to reach out to people with all the tools of modern technology and look for new ways to engage your customers understanding that we now live in a world of transparency where your customers have a loud voice and word of “internet” is more powerful than word of mouth you will not settle into these organisations.

Although they both seek Managers who uphold traditional service values and who have great hospitality skills, they also want Managers who can take them forward and grow sales using every channel available.

Register your interest for a new year meeting with Penny Scambler sending an up to date CV if available

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