Your online profile & reputation can be managed by people like us (The Connections Companies arm “Get Better connected)”, and it will be  influenced by the things you do and say, but it can never be designed or decided upon by you. Reputation is earned. Good & Bad

Do you have Personal Reputation Awareness?

1drunk eyes. You Are Your Network

Who holds images and stories about you in your network. You may have locked down your security but has your spouse, siblings, friends, or your children?

Imagine this!…The family BBQ got out of hand and those Drunk snaps were posted socially.

If you want to manage privacy, reputation, and your security, you have to think about those around you — especially those who are not as capable with technology or social media as you or who don’t understand the implications of “putting you out there” on your reputation

2. Get your Profile Managed by a professional if you can’t or won’t do it yourself!

Who are your network and what do they know about you

Who are your network and what do they know about you

Although it’s a good idea to ask your network friends, family and colleagues to take down their content about you, it is more sensible for you to be the source of information about yourself appearing on Google and other major search engines. Accepting your reputation can be damaged easily by others and living it with it while you Force  that embarrassing party photo down in the search rank  over time.

We will become less shocked and more ambivalent over time to  goings on socially and what gets posted online.

Managing your reputation isn’t straight forward, however you can have more control than you once thought. In the process it  is incredibly important that we educate our friends, colleagues and families to understand the implications of sharing private images and thoughts without adequate security or privacy.

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