The Hunt!

The Hunt! (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Don’t get eaten alive when hunting for the best

In every walk of life we find the upper quartile of the group. Often they are bright, energetic, retentive, smart  with a well developed talent, and they are usually very passive in the job market.  Generally they have risen to the ranks of Managers & Directors and have strong leadership skills. They do not post their profiles on jobsites as they have no need for them. Their reputation goes before them and opportunities come to them and often within their own organisations and certainly from the competition. They do not even read job-sections of newspapers. They do not apply for any job opportunities.

When they do seek, they need to be challenged by an opportunity and the process. Such people need to be head-hunted.

This is a way to get the best people when you are looking for rare and distinct talent . Here, numbers are not important but quality is.


 For this, you need to understand the competitor companies in your industry and geography. Target those most successful companies and hire in the key people from those companies right from the entry level to senior level. This tactic is usually used to weaken the competition and strengthen your advantage.  No doubt, this is one of the easiest ways to source trained and talented people within the industry when you have infrastructure and money.
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Target Talent

Distinction between Headhunting and Talent Targeting
1) Headhunting is associated with rare profiles. Talent Targeting is acquiring the  talent-wealth of your competitor.
2) Headhunting is essential. Talent Targeting is strategic.
3) In headhunting, the intention is to get the BEST person for your organization but in Talent Targeting, the intention is to gain strength and weaken your competition
4) Headhunting is about getting a person with “Leadership” skills and Xfactor & reducing the training cost. Talent targeting is about gaining market share competitive advantage.
Talk to Penny Scambler about her approach to identifying the best people. The process must be part of your overall strategy and it won’t be a cheap . Headhunting pushes the salary of the role up to make the move attractive and the background work involved means the Fee won’t be small either. If you are serious about hiring exceptional people you will need to put your money where your mouth is and challenge the talent you acquire.