First of all we will explain the term…..

….. A talent community is a network of people with similar interests, careers and experiences who are engaged in collaborations and the sharing of information.  The social engagement in a real community makes people feel included and compelled to contribute positively to the betterment of the group.

talent community is a method of social recruiting, by relying on the collection of social cliques (or talent networks) of people that are part of the job seeking process.  A talent community can include prospective candidates, past applicants, current employees, and past employees.

Talent Pool vs. Talent Community

A talent pool is a database of everyone that has ever applied to a recruiter or employers  jobs, regardless of relevance. It facilitates one-sided communication.

In Our talent communities relationships are key. We connect to employees, candidates and their friends. Contacts are organized into relevant talent networks. Employee referral programs are enhanced as the focus is on quality, not quantity. Most importantly, they are social. Contacts are engaged through social media rather than just email, telephone and jobs boards.

Cut through the Crowd and Engage

Cut through the Crowd & Engage with the Best People

Why Create a Talent Community?

One of the ways to improve engagement is to personalize communications and provide potential candidates with the kind and depth of information about the organization and position that they desire. Acquiring the best candidate means you have to sell the company by understanding what the prospective Employee needs and wants. You do this over time by learning about their needs, concerns, and interests. As you learn, you or the community provide relevant information and answer questions to support a really committed application.